ExpressPCB 7.6

Creates layouts for printed circuit boards
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7.6.0 (See all)
Design customizable layouts for all types of circuit boards by utilizing the Digi-key component database. Every new PCB layout is created with an option to personalize and adjust every element and neatly align the parts by means of the snap-to-grid feature.

ExpressPCB is a PCB layout design program with Digi-key component database. You can easily search and position components in its interface; snap-to-grid feature allows you to neatly align the parts. Copper traces can be added by clicking on the pin of a component and dragging it to another pin. After you complete your layout, the ExpressPCB program tells you exactly how much it costs to have the boards made. You can order them online using the "Order boards via the Internet" command.

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